You Wouldn’t Believe How Important a Psychiatrist Can Be!


Before you know why you need a psychiatrist, it is better to have a general idea of who actually is a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist is a doctor who is specialised in prevention, diagnosis and cure of mental disorders like anxiety, depression, psychosis, substance abuse, sexual dysfunction and mental development disabilities. Psychiatrists are often confused with psychologists, but indeed, they are more than that. These are professional physicians trained in treating medical as well as psychological disorders. Also, they also deal with a social component of patients’ behaviour enabling them to live harmonious personal and social life. Diagnostic tests, medication, psychotherapy and counselling are the major practices done by psychiatrists to treat their patients who are often referred by general practitioners, psychologists and social workers.

Reasons why you need a psychiatrist

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To treat psychiatric disorders

Psychiatrists possess the knowledge of general psychology and psychotherapy skills which they apply in treating psychiatric disorders like anxiety, depression, phobia, mania, etc. They are different from neurologists because they don’t deal with structural disorders of patients’ brain. Their emphasis is on treating mental disorders which cannot be solved by counselling only. At their best, they try not to include medication which is used only when both psychotherapy and counselling don’t produce desired results.

To reintegrate into society

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Patients with psychiatric disorders are usually isolated from society due to their inability to adjust and conform to the social values and norms. Psychiatrists’ psychotherapy and medication practices are often followed by counselling with compassion and patience giving the patients a holistic mental care. In fact, their emotional support is more healing resulting in the lesser need of medication dosages. Psychiatrists use their great communication skills and emotional intelligence to deal with emotional and social issues faced by patients. Thus, by providing psychological and social support with compassion and patient, psychiatrists help their patients to reintegrate into society once again, giving them new lives.

To cure various mental disorders

You probably need a psychiatrist at one point of your life because they treat various kinds of mental disorders ranging from mild to severe and also chronic. For example, depression is mild at the early stage which can turn to suicidal at its extreme phase. It’s a job of a psychiatrist to identify which stage of depression or other disorders a patient is in and apply appropriate psychotherapy techniques to cure him/her with minimum use of medicine. Anxiety, stress, panic attacks, phobias, etc. are common mental disorders faced by people at different levels of severity and psychiatrists do their best to treat them by using the best approach possible. Mild disorders are fully recovered without medication. But chronic psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia are characterised by the onset of hallucinations and delusions which require more examination and possibly, medication too.

To live a happy life

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The ultimate goal of treating our mental and psychological aspect is to ensure healthy and happy life in a holistic way. Psychological or mental disorders often include emotional and social maladjustment problems that keep our lives unbalanced and away from happiness. With the help of a psychiatrist, you can talk about your problems; receive emotional and social support so that you can finally live in a society with a peace of mind. It’s more like taking off all the unnecessary burdens from your mind or resolving its complexity so that you can enjoy life. Therefore, if you are currently experiencing any kind of discomfort like that or suffering from an above-mentioned mental disorder, you should always discuss it with a psychiatrist. Perhaps at your local clinic, for example, psychiatrists at Three Seas have been able to do it for such a long time, successfully with 100s of patients.

To conclude, we can say that we definitely need a psychiatrist at some point in our lives. Because, us, human beings, are emotional and thoughtful beings who often come across different psychological and mental problems because of our lack of emotional intelligence and incorrect thought processes. Psychiatrists’ specialisation in treating mental disorders can help to make our life easier and happier, enabling us to perform our daily activities more effectively. By keeping unwanted disorders like anxiety, stress and depression at bay, psychiatrists help us to welcome better moods, more positivity, rational thoughts, higher emotional intelligence and harmonious social relationship in our lives. Thus, psychiatrists are the doctors you should not underestimate; you need them just like any other doctors, for your sound psychological health.

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