Welcome to the Rural Obstetric and Anaesthetic Locum Scheme (ROALS)

Our aim is to make the scheme available to as many eligible rural obstetricians and anaesthetists as possible and facilitate access to some time off.

ROALS is a national workforce support program funded by the Australian Government Department of Health (the Department) and administered by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG). The RANZCOG has signed a Funding Agreement with the Department to administer ROALS up to 30 June 2015.

The ROALS will support the rural specialist and general practitioner obstetric and anaesthetic workforce. The program aims to improve rural workforce retention through the provision of subsidised locum services.

The objectives of the ROALS are to:

  • maintain and enhance the access of quality local obstetric and anaesthetic care by providing the rural and remote workforce (both specialist and general practice) with efficient and cost-effective locum support; and
  • sustain safety and quality in rural practice by facilitating access to personal leave or professional development or breaks from on-call commitments for rural and remote obstetricians and anaesthetists.

Eligible rural obstetricians and anaesthetists can access subsidised locum support for 14 days per financial year and can also apply for additional unsubsidised support. ROALS is able to subsidise the daily locum fee, travel time and travel costs as well as organise Medicare Provider Numbers where required. The ROALS Management Team and Secretariat look forward to facilitating access to subsidised locum support so you can take a break.

ROALS is also seeking specialist and GP obstetricians and anaesthetists willing to travel to rural and remote Australia to provide locum relief. Sign up for a ROALS locum placement and explore the many parts of Australia you may otherwise never see.

Download a copy of the icon ROALS Brochure

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